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Année : 2020
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Mannisi, Alban

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Design Diplomacy : The Transmission of Autochthonous Practices & Customs

Singapore | Spain | Korea | Japan | Australia | Oman | Hawaii

Organised by Alban MANNISI

This research project, constituted by a series of international embedded on-site workshops, investigates design practices and customs that exist outside of international environmental conventions in order to report on and disseminate off-the-shelf and non-speculative practices. Emphasising and brokering an expanded interdisciplinary and collaborative dialogue between experts, governmental institutions, indigenous knowledges and practitioners, and diverse communities, this research project seeks to empower civil society and especially aims to offer to the new emerging generations of practitioners in the built environment, a richer knowledge of the opportunities offered by the expanded landscape economy – a demonstration of ways of doing things differently.

Pursued through a series of workshops taking place in regions sharing global concerns through local issues, this research project is envisioned to unfold in two phases. The first taking place across the Asia Pacific (e.g. Seoul (South Korea), Coranderrk (Australia), Fukuyama (Japan), Singapore, Cameron Highland (Malaysia), Oahu (Hawaii)), and the second focusing on Europe and the Middle East (e.g. Nizwa, Muscat (Oman), Seville (Spain)). These workshops enable us to meet people in their own environment and context, as well as the various types of stakeholders disregarded by globalisation and speculation of current environmental markets. Internationally expanding the knowledge of these environmental resilience movements is both a logical continuation and an opportunity to define a multi-sectoral and transnational critical tool for the built environment community.

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Specific Issues : Pedagogy of Citizen Participation

Date : 20 June – 03 July 2020 (Canceled_New Dates TBC)

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