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Année : 2020
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Mannisi, Alban

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Archifest 2020

Glad to share some of the events as part of the 2020 Archifest Singapore (September 25 – October 31) with the theme of Architecture saving OUR world. On this occasion, exhibitions and forums where future and established Built Environment experts will be organized to discuss crucial issues that need to be addressed in our fragile period.

Hokkien Mee Diplomacy Studio

Around the topic of food security carried out as part of the Hokkien Mee Diplomacy research seminar, Hokkien Mee Diplomacy Studio developed in partnership with the Edible Garden City shares 6 RMIT students’ outcomes.

Hokkien Mee Diplomacy Forum

Arousing the interest of the festival and innovators of environmental approaches related to landscape design and food production, the research carried out within Design Diplomacy will be presented, followed by fruitful debates with local activists involved in the revival of food ethics issues.

Rethink : Reboot : Revamp _ Young Architects Studio Forum

The ongoing projects of 3 RMIT students’ outcomes challenging conventions to offer daring alternatives prospective to the landscape discipline will be introduced.

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