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Année : 2022

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Community will not be Designed

Community Will not be Designed is an International Exhibition curated by Alban MANNISI, hosted by the Project Space MIUM in Seoul from 14th October 2022 to 12th November 2022.

Project Space MIUM
2022.10.14 - 2022.11.12
Seoul, South Korea

Opening 14 Oct 2022

Curator Alban MANNISI

A Seminar is organised at the Seoul National University, [22.10.13] hosted by ZOH Kyung Jin and Alban MANNISI with the Exhibition contributors present in Korea.

A Conversation with be conducted during the Opening with Citizen Participation activists :
SHIN Hae Won, ZOH Kyung Jin and Blaž KRIŽNIK.


@Design Diplomacy_ France, Australia
Tammy WONG HULBERT_ Australia
Michaela F. PRESCOTT, Yazid NINSALAM, Australia, Singapore
Noriko DENO_Japan
Bjorn LOW, Graciela MAGNONI_ Singapore, Uruguay [Australia]
Witiya PITTUNGNAPOO_Thailand
Apolonija SUSTERSIC_Slovenia [Norway]
Oliver VODEB_ Slovenia [Australia]
OH Jongsun _ Korea
PARK Chan-kook_Korea
SHIN Hae Won _Korea [Australia]
Philip SAMARTZIS_Australia

Opening Conversation

ZOH Kyung Jin_Korea
Blaž KRIŽNIK_ Slovenia [Korea]

Overwhelming environmental crisis has encouraged the built environment field to investigate, invent and revitalise local practices and knowledge. Endless dynamics reveal fruitful modes of interaction between society and their environment to renew our ecological transition scheme in times of climate deregulation. Often challenged by dramatically mutated biospheres, societies reveal outstanding capacities of resilience and innovation. Yet, disillusioned with decades of participatory governance and citizen empowerment that did not substantially improve our ecological democracy, environmentally conscious civil society, public institutions and the private sector are realising that established Anthropocene remedies should overcome their own struggle.

Community will not be Designed exhibition in Project Space MIUM aims to reach beyond tokenism and ambiguity of established political ecology by showing a worldwide mapping of community practices that are environmentally conscious and firmly grounded in localised knowledge. In this way, the exhibition aims to reveal the uncomfortable truth and limitations of the present Anthropocene and respond to its intellectual doldrums and awkwardness.

Exhibited community practices from Australia, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Sweden, Spain, America and Brazil present an intellectual geography of genuine resilience and cohesion between human & non-human through practical tools of community engagement that are rediscovered, reinvented, and reimagined. The exhibition will be accompanied by critical debates to interact and question the environmental pedagogy of our indigenous futures.

Appraising Gil Scott-Heron’s inspiring poem and song The Revolution will not be Televised, community practices exhibited at the Project Space MIUM suggest that community, aiming to address threatening environmental crises, will not be designed. It will not be brought to you, Scott-Heron might have argued. The community will become alive through human and non-human community engagements, rooted in revitalised customs based on raised environmental consciousness.

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