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Année : 2022

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BACTERIAS - weave microbial equity

Alban Mannisi is an invited Professor in the School of Architecture of the University of Seville - Fall 2022 - to conduct research and lecture on Encounter Otherness.

Alban Mannisi | Scapethical

Invited Professor
by Prof. Carlos Tapia
November/January 2023
School of Architecture - University of Seville, Spain

Environmental awareness has enabled to rethink the equitable alliance of social, environmental, and economic capital. Landscape designers have thus revigorated the dialogue between human and non-human which is now sine qua non of any built environment projects.

Landscape, considered as the perception of our environment, places the human being in the foreground facing their responsibilities towards a self-sufficient but capricious planet Earth ; Gaïa. From this refocusing on the living, an inquiry into non-humans and their cellular intelligence has been developed to counterbalance the speculative environment and city.

Following James Lovelock who proclaimed Gaïa a self-sufficient biotope and ecological design like CartujaQanat in Seville and Wind Garden in Madrid in a hope to mitigate climate change, we must recall how much such landscape ecology knowledge through non-human interaction is the timeless prerogative of landscape designer.

Firstly, with Lo pequeño es numeroso, we will retrace the stages of the non-human landscape design, and then, with Charla al fresco, we will approach the symbiocene challenges to come acknowledging an encounter of otherness.

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