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Année : 2022

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Maritorium Biocracy

Maritorium Biocracy, led by Alban MANNISI, is a series of inquiries on the Maritime and Terrestrial space [i.e., Maritory] dynamics and issues conducted in Singapore [2022], Penang_Malaysia [2023], and ChongSan-Do_Korea [2023].

Surprisingly, unsung biospheres arise from the imperious environmental inquiries sparked by climate deregulation, community displacement, and sea-level rise considerably impacting on cultural landscapes of our planet ; the Maritories. Damaged, those regions including their social capitals which generated our worldwide mobility for millennia, are now considered crippling by Western management Models.

While the efforts to bring out disregarded knowledge to resolve our toxic exogenous anthropisation are slowly producing innovative environmental pedagogy, the inertia of thinkers, designers, engineers and politicians towards these ecological dynamics keep raising doubts about our contemporary priorities.

While many societies have reformulated, if not repressed, the exogenous patterns imposed on them at the heart of the 20th century, the maritime and terrestrial environments, because forgotten for so long, are being administered according to the modes and mobs of endless green/community/carbon washing proposed by opportunist sustainable business models fed on ignorance and transient history.

The Maritory Biocracy Design Research Inquiries works to decipher the environmental construction of these realities and the apparatus of their oblivion ; to counter recent anthropisation and speculative landscape that appear as soon as their spaces reappears profitable for extrativist civilisations.

Maritorium are already the stake of regenerative deployment from territorial environmental ethics in disagreement with their landscape ecology. Also, a better understanding and consideration of these realities in the management of our extended ecosystem is imperative today, such as their ability to resolve climate deregulation, sea-level rise and community disarray is undeniable.

Due to the overwhelming ignorance of environmental pedagogy towards these indigenous social ecology and engineering, Maritory Biocracy is committed to working to change this situation.

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