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Année : 2022
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Mannisi, Alban

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Coranderrk Landscape Rejuvenation. Autochthonous Revitalisation of Environmental Applied Ethics

Alban Mannisi, “Coranderrk Landscape Rejuvenation Autochthonous Revitalisation of Environmental Applied Ethics“, Proceeding of the 10th International Policy Forum on Urban Growth and Conservation in Euro-Asian Corridor August 2019 in Tabriz, Iran, Archi-Depot Corporation, Tokyo, 2023, pp. 113-120

Following the GlobalScapes’ drift of territories snapped up by the environmental imperialism of the meta-Modernity, the international implosion of the expert-government-civil society triumvirate is led to the re-emergence of autochthonous ontologies and enables us to ensure the stability of human capital disorientated by Modern policy protocols. The demand of new generations of citizens, built environment experts, and politicians to ensure the resilience of former local practice denounces in part the International Environmental Convention (COP) and encourages to engage a practice in another form of Spatial Curriculum acknowledgment.
To avoid the toxicity of a generalisation of practices serving a western capitalist democracy, this research analyses their causes together with the collaborative projects among local communities and experts in intangible landscape design. This is to prove the viability of working on conflicts to understand how the spatial curriculum of 20th century cultural landscapes resolves, through a Panarchy process, the ecological fluctuations of region dominated by a centralising and harmful power to social, cultural, and environmental diversity.
Accordingly, the research falls within the scope of the article 12 of the Nagoya Protocol (2012) advocating the resurgence of indigenous practices and customs and their hybridisation with ethical human science and responsible environmental planning. This is to get away from the harmful processes elaborated during the globalisation of the landscape design at the time of the triumphant neoliberalism, to renew with the worldwide celebrated translations of the genius loci into Just Design.
Based on the rejuvenation project developed by the aboriginal Coranderrk Corporation in Australia, the research intends to specify the legitimacy of such Globalisation from the Grassroots phenomenon in Australia.