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Année : 2022
Auteur :
Leyral, Marc

Elastica project : dynamic relaxation for post-formed elastic gridshells

Leyral M., Ebode S., Guerold P. and Berthou C., Elastica project : dynamic relaxation for post-formed elastic gridshells. Proceedings of the IASS Annual Symposium, Surrey, 2021.

An elastic gridshell is an experimental structural typology truly effective in terms of material consumption by span ratio. Because classical beam theory is not valid for large deflections, the form-finding, the dimensioning and the optimization of elastic gridshells are usually done with dynamic relaxation method. The apparent complexity of this method makes that typology a subject area restricted to researchers or engineers and still too inaccessible for architects. The goal of this year’s project is to make those concepts understandable for a group of architecture students and to rebuild , from nothing, the set of necessary tools for the form-finding, dimensioning, fabrication and assembly of a full-scale elastic gridshell in post-formed bending. This reconstitution is historical as well as technical and practical, and produces all the necessary theoretical notions for the execution of this project. Euler’s elastica, which gave its name to the project, is the starting point of this adventure that lets us to recreate-partly-almost two millenniums of history of active bending technics. This approach strongly interlinks theoretical and practical fields in order to recontextualize modern methods of calculation. In order to popularize those notions, we engaged in three different works :
• The development of a complete, generic, open-source and ergonomic algorithm, usable by all, for form-finding, dimensioning and optimization of elastic gridshells using dynamic relaxation.
• The publication in La Villette editions, of a collective book that compiles our study and the historical, scientific and conceptual knowledge over this subject in a pedagogic way, co-written with the master cycle students.
• The practical application of our study by constructing a full-scale public pavilion, in partnership with the municipality of Paris on the belvedere of the Butte du Chapeau Rouge park (Paris XIX).

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