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Année : 2015

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Minjung | Simin | Undong-ga : Urban Insurrection in Korea


Smart Urbanism for Mega Cities, Symposium, Hanyang University, Dept of Urban Planning, 28-29 August 2014.

The Sustainable Biosphere recalled the balance to set up between autochthonous behaviours and orchestrated planning by the triumvirate of experts, political and civil society. In its period of rapid accession toward the global market, Korea temporarily ruled out the ethical resources that are the centres of its urbanity, weakening its ability to embrace the new forms of sociability in germ. Instability results in an escalation of international models transfer, adding problems to the illnesses formerly caused by the Western modernity.

The new regimes of historicity of environmental and urban citizen resistance inform us today how these are crucial factors of signs and warnings in the continual nature / culture adjustments of societies in transition.
The global phenomenon of diplomacy of territory (participation) that restores a ‘courteous’ relationship between various stakeholders and the environment is now at the agenda in Korea. "Landscape Council" and "Hybrid Forum" (Technical Democracy) allow to reinvigorate elements of Korean environmental ethics within new planning practices.
Initiatives introduced in Seoul area via projects like the Gyeongui Line, One Pyong Park and Bupyeong Cultural street demonstrate the audacity of a society fully mature and competent to deploy, as proposed by the Political Ecology, a suitable Ecosophy in the lights of the Post-City Era.

Keywords : Citizen Resistance ; Ecosophy ; Environmental Activism ; Korea ; Social Ecology

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